The Studio

Design Process

Gauri Khan strikes the perfect balance between bringing in herself, and factoring in your brief, whilst transforming a space into something that you can truly call, your oasis. She carves out her innate sense of a quiet, elegant style, and charming, yet sophisticated aesthetic, to blend it seamlessly into the lifestyle you and yours enjoy. She possesses a natural ability, combined with a professional ethos to elevate any space into an imaginative, thoughtful and compelling environment that feels bespoke, and is a natural reflection of its people.

A common thread that runs right through the process up to the outcome is meticulous attention to detail, that juxtaposes the practical with the luxurious. Not to forget the treat to one’s senses that is the final atmosphere – the grain of the rug, the honeyed wood, the understated drama of the pièce de résistance – each distinctly singing in its key of style, yet coming together in perfect harmony.


We deliver a full package of details and drawings, which are tailored to each individual project, from concept to completion.

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I will design your home using as many unique pieces from all over the world and have access to many unusual companies and craftsmen so you will have a unique choice.



This is one of the most important parts of a home and I take great care in planning this with specialist lighting designers.

Lighting Lighting


3D'S is one of the most important parts of the process, it is the time you get to visualise your home and I take huge care and time in creating this package which is of a very high standard to make the journey begin.

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